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Here’s the Sagada Super Post. Almost everything you know for planning your very own cost-efficient, organized and fun Do-It-Yourself Sagada getaway  is here. If you don’t find it here, email us at team@visitsagada *dot* com
Again, Visit Sagada is NOT a travel agency nor are we affiliated with any travel agency. We strongly discourage you to […]

 Marlboro Country

I was lucky enough to see Marlboro Country for the first time last August when I went on a trip with a few friends. Marlboro Country was named as such due to its very hilly terrain and the novelty of having wild horses in the valleys surrounding it. GMA 7’s Howie Severino even ran a story on […]

 Tour Prices As They Appear On The Sagada Environmental Guides Association Flyer

I just got back from Sagada and the tourism office now boasts of a new brochure that pretty much summarizes a lot of the things that a visitor needs to know about touring and transportation. They have divided the sites according to their location. All amounts are in Philippine Pesos.
Southern Sagada
Cave Connection – 400 per […]

 Standard Tour Rate Guide (as of March 2009)

Holy week is fast approaching and it is the busiest season for Sagada. To help those planning their Sagada trips, here is the updated Standard Rate Guide as of March 2009.

 Planning Your Itinerary 101

We at Visit Sagada believe that to truly enjoy your stay in Sagada, your trip should have a good balance between adventurous spontaneity and a rough idea of what to do formulated through research (in your case: reading this website ) During the early months of this site, most of the people were […]

 From Ampacao!

Yes people. it’s worth it. This shot was taken near the summit of Mt. Ampacao in Sagada. The area provides a very good vantage point to the towns of Sagada and Besao as well as the summit of Mt. Polis and the humongous waterfalls of Bauko, Mountain  Province.
Here are resources about Mt. Ampacao
Visit Sagada: Mt. […]

 How To Tour Sagada

Most (if not all) of the visitors to Sagada would brave the long drive or commute to experience the natural beauty of the town. Of course, most of these natural wonders would require walking and navigating through not-so-familiar hike trails and paths. Be a responsible and smart backpacker by researching about the […]

 Five things not to miss out on Sagada – #1: jump off a waterfall

This will be the first of a series of posts on things you should never miss out on your trip to Sagada. I’d like to keep them as simple and as doable within at least a 3-day trip as possible (no “camp out on Mt Ampacao overnight” suggestions here, as fun as that sounds).
We’ll start […]