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Sagada online hotel reservation

Most reservations are handled by Sagada hostels via the phone but things are definitely changing. Agoda now supports online booking for several hostels and guest houses in Sagada. Via Agoda, people planning to go to Sagada can book and pay for rooms via their credit card. Be reminded though that the costs will be billed in dollars and might be slightly more expensive compared to the peso price if you were to directly contact the hostel.

Here are the hotels that have listings on Agoda:

Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant

Isabelo’s Inn and Cafe

Shamrock Tavern Inn

Misty Lodge and Cafe

Sagada Igorot Inn

Churya-a Hotel and Restaurant Sagada

Kanip-aw Pines View Lodge

Grandma’s Yellow House


Sagada Philippines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Sagada Itinerary Planning by Benj
May 9, 2014, 1:50 pm
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Visit Sagada is your one-stop resource website for everything that has everything to do with Sagada, Philippines. :)

Thank you for visiting us! :)

Here’s the Sagada Super Post. Almost everything you know for planning your very own cost-efficient, organized and fun Do-It-Yourself Sagada getaway  is here. If you don’t find it here, post a question on our Facebook page.

Think of this post as a table of contents that would tie together almost all the entries that we have here.

How do I get to Sagada?

There are multiple ways to get to Sagada. Traveling to the western side of the country is slightly more convenient due to the number of buses leaving Manila for Baguio City in a day (perhaps as much as 50 trips for Victory Liner). Traveling via the eastern side (Ohayami or Cable Tours) gives you less options but gets you to Sagada earlier.

Comparing the routes - what's the best one? 

Angel Juarez rock climbing Sagada Echo Valley


The Bloggers’ and Facebook Users’ Choice for Sagada Hostels: Residential Lodge by Benj
October 15, 2012, 10:50 am
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When it comes to picking the best hostels in any area, nothing beats word-of-mouth and guest testimonials. I (Benj) have been to Sagada 20 times and out of those 20 times, I stayed in Residential 13 times. This would have been a perfect 20 for 20 had I just booked ahead. Resdiential Lodge is the most popular hostel in town and its easy to see why. Aside from having clean rooms, it also has great common areas that could allow for interaction between travelers as well as creature comforts like WiFi, hot showers, a working kitchen and free coffee and tea. It is not easy to see how Residential Lodge is consistently chosen as the best place to stay in Sagada.

I’m sure that there are other inns that offer this – George Guesthouse for instance has impeccable service and they even have a restaurant on the ground floor. But Visit Sagada will always treat Residential Lodge our home in Sagada because we have felt very welcome. We almost feel like members of Tita Mary’s extended family  and for the most part, a lot of the visitors end up feeling that way too.

You may reach Residential Lodge by calling +639196728744 Do book in advance since it does get full fairly quickly!

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The best places to stay in Sagada: as told by bloggers by Benj
October 8, 2012, 9:25 pm
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Sagada is a small town but it sure has a great line-up of guesthouses, inns and hostels that could meet any budget or expectation. While there are still no full-service hotels in town, there are a lot of quaint and charming establishments that could provide travelers with a nice warm bed for the night. In this post, Visit Sagada seeks to put together a collection of comments and reviews from various visitors and travel bloggers.

Visit Sagada’s most preferred guest house is still Residential LodgeThis establishment covers the bases as far as comfort is concerned. The rooms in the basement are quite spacious and at just 200-300 pesos per night, the rates are quite competitive compared the other inns in the area. The team of Visit Sagada can be quite biased when it comes to this verdict (we have stayed here almost 20 times over the past 6 years) but we have never been let down. Location-wise, it’s very close to good restaurants in town and is just a few paces away from the SAGGAS office. Due to the popularity of this place however, it can get quite hard to get a room. The common areas are good places to make new friends and travel companions. You can make reservations by calling Mary Daoas +639196728744

Residential Lodge has rooms that has private toilet and bath as well as rooms that share a communal toilet. For larger groups, you can probably ask for use of the kitchen should you want to cook your own meals instead of eating out. There is also complimentary coffee at the receiving area as well as a wifi service that is very reasonably-priced. 

In a not-so scientific poll we took a few months back, we also found out that Residential Lodge was also the most preferred guesthouse by the members of the Visit Sagada Facebook Page. During our first time at Residential Lodge (back in 2006), the building still didn’t have any point and was still without a name (literally). It’s quite cool to see how far Residential Lodge has gone as the hostel of choice in Sagada.

Chichi Bacolod of the now famous We Are Sole Sisters travel blog also stayed in Residential Lodge during her trip to Sagada. Oman Serapio of Lawstude similarly was hosted by Residential during a trip back in 2008. GMA7’s Howie Severino has likewise stayed in Residential Lodge. (more…)

Accommodation: Canaway Lodge by Benj
April 26, 2011, 7:33 pm
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Canaway Lodge is a relatively new hostel just 300m down hill from the main town square. It’s a multi-storey building that has a sets of rooms that are fairly cozy. The rooms that we stayed in were part of a three-room “apartment-type” unit that has a television set as well as a sitting area in the common space. Toilets and baths were fairly decent and there were water heaters on all bathrooms – water pressure was a bit variable in between rooms though.

Canaway Lodge is certainly a good choice if you want a comfortable bend without breaking the bank. Canaway Lodge can be reached by calling +63918 291 5063.

The rate that they gave us was 250/head. :)

Updated List of Sagada Hotels, Hostels, Guest Houses and Inns by Benj
August 31, 2009, 4:03 am
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Here’s the complete list of accommodation options at Sagada, Mountain Province.

Agoda now lists several hostels in Sagada. You may now book and pay for your rooms online through your credit card or Agoda Rewards points.

Recommended by Visit Sagada

Residential Lodge – 0919 672 8744
George’s Guesthouse – 0918 548 0406


Alapo’s – 0921 327 9055
Alfredo’s Inn – 0918 588 3535
Ganduyan – 0921 273 8097
Sagada Homestay – 0919 702 8380

A-7 House 0921 287 6093
Billy’s House 0921 603 2745
Churya-a 0906 430 0853
Mapiyaaw Pension 0921 390 0560
Rocky Valley Inn 0918 643 2784
Rock Inn 0920 909 5899
Yabami Lodge 0920 411 9976
Gecko Inn 0920 289 5471

Igorot Inn 0928 630 5479
Olahbinan 0928 406 7647
Travelers’ Inn 0920 799 2960

Residential Lodge Update: New Contact Numbers by Benj
March 25, 2008, 11:18 am
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Mary Daoas of the much-raved about Residential Lodge can now be contacted using this new number – +



The old number will no longer be operational. Please make the necessary changes and be guided accordingly. Tita Mary sends everyone her regards.

Accommodation: George Guest House by Fritz Tentativa
February 29, 2008, 7:06 am
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George Guest HouseOfficial Website

Dao-angan, Sagada
Contact Person: Teodora +639185480405 or Irenius +639206070994 email: george.guesthouse [at] yahoo [dot] com

Sure, Saint Joseph Inn is the most popular lodging house in Sagada but should they be fully booked when they weren’t a day before like what happened when me and my friends last went there, what do you do? The ultimate hassle is always finding out that part of your original plan had been messed up some but never worry, personal experience says there’s a solution rests just around the bend. And quite literally, too.

About a hundred or so meters from the Sagada Municipal Hall and down the street where the fabled Yoghurt House restaurant is, is a four storey structure which served as a great lodging alternative for me and my companions. Cheaper than most inns in the vicinity, too, by a few hundred bucks. That’s George Guest House to you, weary traveller.

What to expect: Private rooms or rooms for share, modest sized beds and extra mattresses with clean beddings, a convenience store just downstairs, and hot water boiled for you (for a minimal fee of P30 last I’ve been there) should you find the shower water too cold. We got the rooftop ala penthouse room and it fit five of us comfortably. What’s best about the rooftop location is the veranda overlooking Sagada’s foggy mountains peaks and pine tree-laden green surroundings.

If you do choose to stay at George Guest House, kindly the owners that the people from referred you. Check out George Guest House’s website for more info.