Returning to Bomod-ok Falls (Big Falls)

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Northern Sagada may be relatively remote from the town center but it does offer great vistas that shouldn’t be missed by any visitor who goes to Sagada. The highlight of this area of Sagada is the Bomod-ok Falls. While the falls itself is stunning, the route that the usual hike takes is equally inspiring as well. The trail meanders through the rice terraces, the houses and granaries and if you’re timing is right, you can even see the fog roll in by the nearby peaks.

You may now get your guides from the Northern Sagada Indigenous Guide Association (NOSIGA). Their office is very near the jump off point from the Big Falls in Barangay Bangaan. The cost for the guide is 500 Php. They are usually very chatty and cheerful. They also lend walking sticks for free. The water is cold but it’s the perfect reward for a long hike!

To get to Northern Sagada, you may rent a van from town for 650. Get in touch with either the SEGA or SAGGAS office to arrange for this. The rental for a van is 650. The van can fit up to 10 people.