The best places to stay in Sagada: as told by bloggers

Sagada is a small town but it sure has a great line-up of guesthouses, inns and hostels that could meet any budget or expectation. While there are still no full-service hotels in town, there are a lot of quaint and charming establishments that could provide travelers with a nice warm bed for the night. In this post, Visit Sagada seeks to put together a collection of comments and reviews from various visitors and travel bloggers.

Visit Sagada’s most preferred guest house is still Residential Lodge. This establishment covers the bases as far as comfort is concerned. The rooms in the basement are quite spacious and at just 200-300 pesos per night, the rates are quite competitive compared the other inns in the area. The team of Visit Sagada can be quite biased when it comes to this verdict (we have stayed here almost 20 times over the past 6 years) but we have never been let down. Location-wise, it’s very close to good restaurants in town and is just a few paces away from the SAGGAS office. Due to the popularity of this place however, it can get quite hard to get a room. The common areas are good places to make new friends and travel companions. You can make reservations by calling Mary Daoas +639196728744

Residential Lodge has rooms that has private toilet and bath as well as rooms that share a communal toilet. For larger groups, you can probably ask for use of the kitchen should you want to cook your own meals instead of eating out. There is also complimentary coffee at the receiving area as well as a wifi service that is very reasonably-priced. 

In a not-so scientific poll we took a few months back, we also found out that Residential Lodge was also the most preferred guesthouse by the members of the Visit Sagada Facebook Page. During our first time at Residential Lodge (back in 2006), the building still didn’t have any point and was still without a name (literally). It’s quite cool to see how far Residential Lodge has gone as the hostel of choice in Sagada.

Chichi Bacolod of the now famous We Are Sole Sisters travel blog also stayed in Residential Lodge during her trip to Sagada. Oman Serapio of Lawstude similarly was hosted by Residential during a trip back in 2008. GMA7′s Howie Severino has likewise stayed in Residential Lodge.

As you can see, George Guest House is number two! George was built roughly along the time that Residential Lodge also came into existence. They have three buildings – one on the main road and two buildings on top of a hill down the road (these buildings are called George Extension). Aside from being a guest house, this establishment also has a small restaurant right next to the front desk. They also deliver to the extension buildings for no extra charge.

Prices for George Guest House are also on the affordable side. And yes, just like Residential Lodge, rooms here can get booked fast so be early when calling in your reservations!

A lot of influential travel bloggers have great things to say about George. Rob (The Travelling Dork) considers the service to be topnotch and has no complaints regarding the facilities and the service. Even Ferdz Decena of the award-winning travel blog Ironwulf captured in photo the first few rays of sunlight during one of his stays at George. The Visit Sagada team has like-wise stayed at George Guest House and we must say, it’s definitely a very good option as well. Some people might find it a bit tough to hike up the hill to get to the “extension” buildings.

One lodge that has been gaining a lot of buzz over the past few years has been Kanip-Aw Lodge. This establishment enjoys having been built on a great perch that overlooks vast pine forests and rock formations. Au of Tuwatula has definitely captured the great vistas from the windows of Kanip-Aw. This hostel has certainly benefited from great press that it gets from the Pinoyexchange thread about Sagada as well as endorsements from the SAGGAS.

Another establishment that has been gaining a lot of raves has been Rock Inn. Unlike most hostels that dot the main road, Rock Inn is about 2 km away from the center of the town and even has its private driveway. This makes the lodge relatively remote – perfect for honeymooners and those who want peace and quiet. In terms of interiors, Rock Inn is possibly the best designed hostel in town. Aside from the great building, Rock Inn also boasts of having an orange orchard that visitors can pick fruits from for a very small fee. The Poor Traveler chronicled it fairly well when he tried out orange-picking during his last trip to Sagada.