Log Cabin Bar and Cafe – Saturday buffet with Chef Aklay

Log Cabin is easily the most highly-regarded restaurants in Sagada. It’s located just a little up hill relative to the bus terminal – right in front of Strawberry Cafe. This establishment is best known for their Saturday night buffet featuring the cooking of French-native (and now adopted son of Sagada) Chef Aklay. The menu always changes because it is highly dependent on what inspires the chef during the weekend market. The food has always been impeccable and the desserts are plated and prepared to absolute perfection.

During other nights, customers may sample the great food from the Log Cabin menu Meals start at around 150 and go to as high as around 280 per plate. It’s a bit pricy for a plate of food up in Sagada but it’s really good. They are also one of the few establishments with a decent selection of wines. You have to place your order before 3PM to be entertained for the dinner service.

To book your seats for the Saturday buffet, call or text +639205200463.