Sagada’s Civet Cat Coffee (Cafe Alamid)

This is kape alamid or civet cat coffee. You’re probably wondering why in the world a cat would have something to do with the making of coffee but if you let your imagination really run wild, you would probably figure out that the coffee is actually made from the droppings of the alamid. The digestive process supposedly gives the resulting coffee a very distinct taste.

I tried kape alamid at Bana’s Cafe last year and I think it’s the only establishment in town that has a wide assortment of coffee products – truly deserving of its self-declared title of cafe. It had a very mild flavor – almost like chocolate with a faint hint of caramel at the end. It was quite an expensive cup of coffee (150 pesos ~ 3 USD) for a place like Sagada but you have to try these things at least once, right?

If you don’t feel like drinking coffee derived from something that came out of the rear end of a small animal, you could always go for their other brews. The arabica and robusta on the menu are pretty good and they do pack a punch.