Alfred’s Cabin – Probably the WORST Restaurant In Sagada

As much as I have kept myself from posting negative things on this blog, I just couldn’t let this particular incident go. I have been to Alfred’s Cabin multiple times already, but the service and the food was certainly not up to par the last time I ate there.

We were served a single chicken leg that was cut up into three sections – and that was what the 120 peso entree of Buttered Chicken was supposed to be. This was a far cry from the old buttered chicken dish that used to order at this very same restaurant a couple of years back. The pancit canton dish was also as bad – the noodles were ridiculously salty and had very little additions.

I was so embarrassed since I invited friends to join us. I would never eat there again unless major changes happen. If you happen to have bad experiences at Alfred’s Cabin, feel free to share it here.