Tour Prices As They Appear On The Sagada Environmental Guides Association Flyer

I just got back from Sagada and the tourism office now boasts of a new brochure that pretty much summarizes a lot of the things that a visitor needs to know about touring and transportation. They have divided the sites according to their location. All amounts are in Philippine Pesos.

Southern Sagada

Cave Connection – 400 per person
Short course caving – 500 per 4 people. 600 for 5 people.
Optional Ride: 350

Central Sagada

Eco-cultural Tour
Echo Valley Hanging Coffins
Underground River Entrance
Bokong Falls

Price – 400 for 1-10 people.

Northern Sagada

Bomod-ok Falls
Fidelisan Rice Terraces
Northern Sagada Villages

Price – 600 for 1-10 people.
Optional Ride: 650

Eastern Sagada

Lamangan/ Marlboro Country
Limestone Formations
Wild Horses

Price – 600 for 1-10 people
Optional Ride: 450

Western Sagada

Amapacao Mountain Trek
Demang Community

Price – 600 1-10 people


Kiltepan Viewpoint
Rice Terraces

Price 450 1-10 people *the driver can be your guide


Lake Danum
Pottery sho[

Price 450 1-10 people