Ilocos (Vigan, Laoag and Pagudpud) to and from Sagada by Benj
April 27, 2009, 12:29 am
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Northern Luzon is one of the most visited areas in the Philippines. The western side of the Ilocos region features the historic streets of Vigan, Ilocos Sur, the iconic churches of Paoay and Bantay, the Marcos stronghold of Batac and the famous beaches of Pagudpud.

I was on holiday in Pagudpud when I had the urge to go back to Sagada. It’s not an easy trip to Sagada, but here’s what you have to do if you feel like making the most out of your trip up north.

From Pagudpud, you would need to take a bus that would get you to the Partas station at Laoag City. The fare will me minimal (less than 100). You may wait along the highway for passing buses from Cagayan Valley. Bear in mind though that most of the buses are probably full and you will have to stand the rest of the way (around 90 minutes).

Upon reaching the Partas station, you may buy tickets for Baguio. The company has an annoying policy of not allowing advance bookings and they only open the ticketing office 15 minutes before the bus leaves. This creates a mad dash to the ticket booths once the trip schedule is announced. The fare from Laoag to Baguio is 382 pesos. The bus would make two stops (one in Vigan). The trip is a staggering 6.5 hours.

From Baguio, you may take the Lizardo Buses at Dangwa station (again, it’s at 220 pesos) every hour from 6AM to 1PM. :)

It was pretty hard,  but I still made it to Sagada! Travel safely!

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Hi Benj,

Wow, it’s good to know that you had time to tour North with your busy schedule. Now, i have an idea how to do this route going to Sagada. I hope i get to meet you someday.

Comment by Cherry A

what if the plan ist from manila to the north with stop overs:
manila to zambales
zambales to baguio
baguio to sagada
and sagada to laoag
laoag to pagudpud
and then by plane going back to manila via laoag airport

Comment by iran

I really love this place. I will continue to come back time & again. I think I’ll keep note of this route. I haven’t seen Ilocos yet. I have an article about a culinary tour within the region then perhaps finish it off with some hiking & caving through Sagada.

Anyone knows of a cheap place to stay in these areas? If with a stove, so much the better so I can cook….Thanks a lot!

Comment by Mao

any suggestions on the easiest route to sagada by plane..thanks a lot!

Comment by kathy

can you tell me the easiest and shortest route to sagada by plane..please..plenty me please

Comment by kathy

hi! i also really would like to travel up north. my plan is to fly to laoag and from there go to pagudpod then back to vigan then ilocos sur – to launion – to baguo then to sagada. then roadtrip back to manila na. im thinking i’ll stay a day or 2 in each places. i’m planning 15 days for this trip. can you please give me tips? thanks! =)

Comment by shEn

hi benj! i also really would like to travel upnorth. backpacker style. i’m thinking of flying to laog then roadtrip back to manila. i want to tour iloco norte, ilocus sur, launion, baguio then my last stop will be sagada. then roadtrip back to manila. i will be travelling alone. any tips?

Comment by tsen

Hi Benj! My family of 4pax are planning on a trip to Banaue, Sagada and Ilocos next week. Please give us teh best tips on a 5 day trip at most on where should we start and end our IT. I’m planning of doing the Manila-Banaue-Sagada-Ilocos route. Is this feasible for a 5 day trip if we will leave Manila by Tuesday evening? Should we need to book our accommodation in advance during this season?
Looking forward for your wise inputs and kind assistance. Thanks in advance!

Comment by Rechel

wow, this is really helpful, we might have to do it in reverse though, since we are coming from Sagada after joining a group tour.

And since we’re already up north, might as well tour around Ilocos and Vigan or probably Pagudpud if budget permits! lolz! Can we just have a day tour for both Ilocos and Vigan then stay in Pagudpud?

Comment by Monet

this is great! although we might have to do it in reverse since we are coming from Sagada.

Can we tour laoag and Vigan in a day, then go to Pagudpud for the night then back to Manila the next day?

Comment by Monski

Thanks, Benj!

This is very helpful! Although, we might have to do it in reverse since we’re coming from Sagada and since we’re already up north, might as well make the most out of it and do Laoag-Vigan-Pagudpud. 😉

Now, all we need is to plan the itinerary. Hopefully we can jam both laoag and Vigan in 1 day and stay in Pagudpud. :)

Comment by Monski

is it possible to get from sagada to vigan without going back south to Banuae

Comment by Don


I am travelling North in November. Please help me if this itinerary in possible. ( November 13- 15 )

I am arriving at Laoag at around 7 pm.
Bus to Baguio in the evening ( is there any trip? what time? ). From Baguio, proceed to Sagada then tour the place the whole day. Take a bus to Laoag, again in the evening ( What time should i leave Sagada to reach Baguio early evening? ) Arrives in Laoag at early morning. I have a trip back to Manila but hopes to visit Vigan so i am considering taking a bus in the evening to catch my flight back to CDO.

Comment by Mally

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