Travel: What To Wear While In Sagada by Benj
March 20, 2008, 2:37 am
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It’s one of the things that I’m asked the most about Sagada. Most people who have been to the mountainous regions of Northern Philippines could attest that the temperature could get as cold as 20 degrees lower than the national average – about 8 to 9 degrees Celsius — but that’s only because they’ve been to places like Baguio City (arguably, the most visited city in the Cordilleras). Sagada is no different. It does get fairly cold especially during early morning and late night. It does get real hot at noon so don’t have any delusions that it’s going to be cold all day. Despite the colder temperatures, high noon still means tropical-zone-hot so plan your activities in a way that would allow you be in the shade by noon time.

A light jacket is enough to keep you warm during the cold days so don’t bother bringing bulky winter coats. Most people would be seen walking around in a shirt, pants and some sort of windbreaker or sweater.

For cave exploration: It’s recommended that you get something that you can move well in. It could be anything from a comfortable pair of jeans, board shorts or sweat pants. Most people go spelunking in their flip-flops since there are parts that actually require you to go barefoot.

For the Big Falls (and other hikes): wear a shirt and comfortable pair of pants. You may be walking across patches of thorny shrubbery so you might as well play it safe. Make sure that you’re wearing shoes that could take the abuse of walking on rough terrain for hours on end.

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