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February 22, 2008, 5:04 pm
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Sagada is about 400 kilometers north of the Philippine capital of Manila. It is in the middle of the Luzon landmass and is nestled in a valley along the Cordillera Mountain Range. There are two major routes to Sagada – one on the western and more developed side via Baguio City and the other along the east via Banaue.

Manila to Baguio

Victory Liner is the bus line of choice to Baguio City. The company offers almost eighty trips a day from its five bus stations in Metro Manila. The two biggest stations are the ones in Pasay (convenient for those in the Pasay-Manila-Makati area) and Cubao (convenient for those from Quezon City). A bus leaves every hour on the hour. You can call 02-833-5019 to 20 (Pasay) and 02-727-4534 (Cubao) for ticket inquiries and reservations. Unless its peak season (April – May), it’s very likely that you won’t need a reservation. You may simply go to the station and buy the tickets there for the next bus.

Price: 460 Php ~12 USD (as of 2015)
Schedule: Every hour
Duration: 6-8 hours. If you leave Manila late at night (around 10 PM, you can arrive in Baguio before 5 AM). Traffic jams in Manila and other cities along the way can dramatically change your time of arrival.
Stops: The bus stops twice at provincial stations for restroom breaks. The stations also have concessionaire stands for light snacks and drinks.


  • To maximize your time, leave Manila during late night. This allows you to evade the heavy rush hour traffic and ensures that you’ll get the first trip out of Baguio to Sagada.
  • Instead of buying food and drinks from the concessionaires, stock up on snacks before boarding the bus. The prices are a bit jacked up so you’ll end up saving more if you come prepared.
  • The Victory Bus from Manila to Baguio are notorious for having very cold internal temperatures. Make sure your sweaters are easily accessible in case you get cold.

From Baguio To Sagada

Upon arriving at Baguio, you may take a cab to the Dangwa Bus Station. The cab fare will cost about 40-50 Php (~1+ USD). Locate the Lizardo Transit station – facing the station, it’s on the LEFT side. They have a small ticket booth where you could buy tickets minutes before the bus leaves. The first trip

Price: 220 Php ~ 5.50 USD (as of 2015)
Schedule: First bus leaves at 630AM. The last bus leaves at 1 PM.
Trip Duration: 6-7 hours
Stops: The bus makes two stops (one in Atok and the second one in Bauko). There are restrooms and food stalls in the vicinity as well.

SAGADA – BAGUIO (for the way back)

Schedule: First bus leaves at 5 AM. Last bus leaves at 1 PM. One bus every hour, on the hours.


  • Be prepared. Take medication for motion sickness if necessary.
  • The buses are not air-conditioned and even if the region is known for cold weather, the sun could prove to be quite an adversary at mid-day. Don’t forget to apply sunblock.
  • the bus conductor will honor student and senior citizen’s discounts! Have your IDs ready for 20% off the ticket cost. :)

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lapo bang byahe mula manila to sagada? sbi nila meron daw mla-bontoc-sagada? san ba sakayan? para kcng mas mahaba byahe pag daan k pa ng baguio den sagada. saka kano po fare and kano po kaya nid ng 1 person for dis trip?

Comment by jB Cionelo

[…] Mountain Province. It is about 12 hours from Manila and a mere 45 minutes from Sagada. Compared to Baguio, there are definitely less buses going to […]

Pingback by Visit Sagada » Travel: Going to Sagada From Bontoc

Hi jB Cionelo, thanks for droppin’ by our site. There is no direct Manila-Sagada bus. Yes there is Manila-Bontoc-Sagada, but it is still two rides (Manila to Bontoc via bus and Bontoc-Sagada via jeep) see latest entry by Benj, Travel:Going to Sagada From Bontoc. Almost the same travel time.

Comment by Angel

kaya ba ng innova yung road from baguio-sagada- banaue drive

Comment by mai

Hi mai, there are rough roads going to Sagada and Banaue, so “I” (personally) do not suggest driving your Innova.

Comment by Angel

what’s time is the last trip of the bus from sagada going to baguio? :) thanks!

Comment by Jools

1 pm. :)

Comment by Benj


We are planning to take a side trip in Sagada 1st week of May after our convention in Baguio. Is there a route from Sagada to Mla without going back to Baguio again? And how many hours is the travel time? thanks

Comment by Ching


Via Bontoc/Banaue. The trip will be around 10-11 hours. That’s still roughly the same amount of time you’ll need to go down via the other side. I emailed you. :)

Comment by Benj

Thanks Benj! I got the mail already. In that case, we will do as advised.

Thanks to this site! It’s a great help. We look forward for the upcoming Sagada adventure especially the cave exploration. The photos are very inviting. At least, we will be able to touch (i suppose!) the stalactites and stalagmites unlike in the underground river in Palawan that we can only look at them. In fairness though, the underground river is a breathtaking site!

Comment by Ching

If you want to check out the Banaue Rice Terraces, you could opt to take the other route. :)

Comment by Benj

hi! im dyenn…my friends and i are planning to visit sagada dis 3rd wk of april..but we’re kind of short of you mind suggesting accomodotion that is cheaper than php200/day/head?thanks a lot…

Comment by dyenn

This site has been very helpful. my friends and i are going to sagada this may. can’t wait!!! thanks.-jan

Comment by jannice

how much ang total na magagastos pag punta sagada from manila at balikan??? kasama na ung accomodation at fare at fud?? mga magno roughly?

Comment by rodee

Transportation – 1200/head
accommodation – 200/head/night
Food – 100-150/meal; or just bring your own stocks.
Tours – very variable. Please read the other parts of this site. Most often, you will find the answers there

3500 is a doable amount. Just bring canned food and cook it at the hotel.

Comment by Benj

Hi Benj!

Yes, we’ve decided to take the Banaue/Bontoc route going back to Manila so we could have a glimpse of the Banaue Rice Terraces. We believe the site would be worth the rough and long travel. :)

Comment by Ching

[…] Via Baguio […]

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hi! how will i go back to baguio from sagada? what time does the bus leaves? thank you!

Comment by emperez

hi! how will i go back to baguio from sagada? what time does the bus leave sagada?

Comment by emperez

Hello emperez, GL Trans/Lizardo buses leave Sagada every hour, the earliest leaves at 5 in the morning, the last leaves 1PM.

Comment by Angel

What time does the last bus leave from sagada to baguio?

Comment by Kevin

oops.. didnt see the other comments.

Comment by Kevin

Hi! do you know what time the Victory buses leave from Baguio to Manila?? thanks!

Comment by Patty

Hi! Do you know what time the Victory buses leave from Baguio back to Manila? Thanks!

Comment by Patty

[…] Liner have increased the price of the ticket for Manila to Baguio from 380-390 (~10 USD) pesos to 450-460 (~ 12 USD) depending on on which station you choose to […]

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hi were planning to go to baguio this 1st week of july 2008 then sagada will bring our own car vios if possible can we go their by car from baguio to sagada?need your comments.thank 63

Comment by ma.louise tan

It’s doable but it’s not recommended. :) I sent you an email.

Comment by Benj

Is it ok to go to Sagada this month of June or July? It’s rainy season na kasi, hindi ba delikado ang byahe dun. We’re planning kasi to go there end of this month.

Comment by anna

Hi! My friend and I are planning to go to Sagada this end of June. Okay ba ang byahe pag ganitong tag-ulan?

Comment by anna

Considering that both routes to Sagada have almost the same travel time, my question is, which one is the safest? By safe I mean, wider roads, less prone to falling off a cliff.

Comment by Brenda

Considering that both routes to Sagada have almost the same travel time, my question would be, which one is the safest? By safe I mean wider roads, lesser chance for the bus or jeep to fall off a cliff.

Comment by Brenda

Also, which route has the best view?

Comment by Brenda

Hi Brenda, best view would be Banawe/Bontoc. Same road condition for any route.

Comment by Angel

Anna, as long as there is no typhoon affecting the region, Sagada trip is a go.

Comment by Angel

hi. im planning of going to baguio with my sister. thanks for the information ha. Hope we enjoy travelling there.

Comment by edith

If we are leaving here in Manila 6 am in the morning
do you think there’s a bus going to Sagada in the afternoon?

Comment by Mark

,im planning po to go to sagada this coming sept. 17. im thinking to stay there for good. my mga jobs po ba dun para sa mga tulad kong higschool grad lang? i really need a job. tnx po

Comment by grace

we’re planning to go to sagada after visiting baguio, how many days should we alot to enjoy sagada? also, are there any tour guide we can avail to help us around?

Comment by chats chan

Sir ung bus (Lizardo) ba from Baguio-Sagada every hour ang trip? TNX

Comment by Karlo De Leon

Sir ung bus po ba from Baguio-Sagada is every hour ang alis?

Comment by Karlo De Leon

Hi Karlo,

Based on experience, oo, every hour. pero kung puno na, aalis na yun. so make sure that you buy tickets agad..and if you can save seats kasi madami sumasakay going to sagada. at kung kakain kayo, eat fast.haha :)

Comment by jools

how about if sagada-mla via banaue? possible? safe? how’s the view? hehe thanks

Comment by belle

Hi is the PHP220 bus fare from baguio to sagada still in effect? And is it advisable to go there this weekend.. considering it was forecasted to have occassional rains in baguio… (i’ll be having the baguio-sagada route) thanks!

Comment by Astrid

Hi, my friend and I are planning to visit SAGADA on October 23-25, would it be possibble to meet group there to join the group trip?

Comment by jet

every day po ba ang bus trip going to Sagada from Baguio ng lizardo transit?

Comment by lizzy

How many days do we stay in sagada to see its beauty? 2-3 days enough? Mavi

Comment by mavi rondaris

Lizzy, Yes.
If you read the article, it actually says that there are 7 trips a day.

Mavi, figure in the amount of time it takes to get to Sagada. :) 24 hours will be your travel time To-and-from Sagada. The schedule of buses also means that your “last” day in Sagada can’t extend to past 1PM. Your first day also can’t start earlier than 11AM if you’re going via Baguio.
With that schedule, YOU WILL ONLY HAVE 1 full day in Sagada. Gets?

Comment by Benj

how much is the fare from manila to banaue( i mean the adjusted fare)? is it really 462php from manila? am scheduled to go there on the 28th of this month please advise.thanks

Comment by joel

good day ppl..just wanna ask if i want to see the banawe rice terraces… that found also in sagada if i need to go to sagada..we are planning to go there feb. 1 and i am from cebu.. it’s our first time… please help us..

Comment by Ramces P. Dungog

if i want to see the rice terraces..where i willgo

Comment by Ramces P. Dungog

[…] fare going to Sagada regardless of where you go – may it be via Baguio, Bontoc or Banaue is more or less the same. The cost will be running up close to 1500 php (37 […]

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Im planning to go Sagada with my family this holy week. My dad really prefers to go with our own transpo but I read in one of the comments here that it’s not advisable to do that? We attempted to go Sagada from banaue 2 years ago but we had to turn back midway because there was a landslide. The roads then were ok for a revo. No improvement since then?

In any case, if we take the bauio route, is there parking in the Dangwa Bus Station or any nearby parking lot we can leave our car? Also, would you have the contact number of Lizardo Transit? I can’t find them on the web, we would like to book the tickets in advance.

Kindly email me your feedback, really appreciate this. Thanks so much for your help! I’m sure you’re a blessing for a lot of first timers like our family :)

Comment by Raine Romero

Heard that the road from Baguio to Sagada has greatly improved. We used both routes mid of last year, the road from Banuae – Sagada was much bumpier and at one point, the road was almost completely washed out.

Not to say that the road from Sagada to Baguio wasn’t heart-stopping either, but you will manage to drive parts of the way on very good road as compared to the other wherein it’s just ONE BIG bumpy ride.

You also get to passby the highest point in Luzon (via Baguio-Sagada), so I guess it’s worth the long travel. One can see rice terraces littered along the way from from Sagada to Baguio.

Comment by glue

What’s the status of the road from Baguio to Sagada? Will an ordinary sedan endure the roads? Im planning to go there sometime this March.

Thanks a lot

Comment by jeffry joven

[…] Via the Manila – Baguio City – Sagada route (Visit Sagada recommends this route) […]

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Hi! We’re planning to go to Sagada on May. However, my partner haven’t been to Baguio. So, I want to tour him for a while in Baguio. What would you suggest? I’m thinking of going to Sagada first because of the limited transportation then tour him to Baguio after the Sagada trip.

I want to see the rice terraces, of course. Please help me. THis is also my first time going to Sagada that’s why I want this to be memorable.

Can you also help me look for a good hotel/apartelle for accommodation? I’ve read that there’s a 200/night/head accommodation there. Aren’t there any increase so far? We also have a tight budget.

Please help me plan this trip. Thank you so much in advance! :)

Comment by Aiza Alvarez

Hi! We’re planning to go to Sagada on May. However, my partner haven’t been to Baguio. So, I want to tour him for a while in Baguio. What would you suggest? I’m thinking of going to Sagada first because of the limited transportation then tour him to Baguio after the Sagada trip.

I want to see the rice terraces, of course. Please help me. THis is also my first time going to Sagada that’s why I want this to be memorable.

Can you also help me look for a good hotel/apartelle for accommodation? I’ve read that there’s a 200/night/head accommodation there. Aren’t there any increase so far? We also have a tight budget.

Please help me plan this trip. Thank you so much in advance!

Comment by Aiza

Hi. I’m rona. I’ve a lot of questions to ask since we are a group of 20 people who’d like to tour Sagada. Hope you can reply to my email as soon as you can! Thanks!

Comment by Rona

Can a 4×2 pick-up manage the Baguio-Sagada road? I see jeepney’s in pictures travelling to sagada.

Comment by Romeo Lopez

hi! i would just like to ask if it’s ok if we take the route from baguio-sagada in going there, then on our way back would be the other route, from sagada to banaue? so we could be able to see the terraces..
Thanks! ;-D

Comment by KIm

Hi! :-) just wanted to ask din po, ok ba ang December Month to visit Sagada?
I’ve been planning sOoOOOoo long na pumunta na sa Sagada, finally ngayong year tuloy na tuloy na…

Comment by pazzy

December is a great month – especially BEFORE the holidays. :)

My brother and I spent a week there – December 22-28. There were a lot of people from the 28th-31st, but from 22-27, the crowd was just right.

Comment by Benj

hi…we will be visiting Baguio in June and we plan to include Banaue so we can see the Rice Terraces. Should we stay in Sagada or Banaue? unfortunately, we have limited time. only 1 day. can we do it? what can u recommend? tnx for your help.

Comment by toi

are there buses, Baguio-Sagada after 5pm?

Comment by Toi

Hi.So glad to have found this site.Actually,i have sent an email already.Just wanted to know if its ok to bring kids to Sagada,ages 7 & 9.My eldest,would like to see the rice terraces=)..Can u also suggest the best place to stay & cheap,too.Thanks & this is really a nice & helpful site.

Comment by Khryz

great website! advisable po ba n pmunta ng sagada ng months of Dec-Jan? thanks!

Comment by maKa!

Hi!We are planning to go to Sagada this coming May. Can we ask your suggestions/recommendations? We want to have the trip by day from Manila to Baguio and stay in Baguio overnight. From Baguio to Banaue and to Sagada na. Is this a doable itinerary? What time of the day can we depart from Baguio so we can arrive Sagada by noon time? We want kasi to travel by daytime. Picture taking lang kami sa Banaue.Pls. email me.

Comment by Mary Ann

hi! me and my friend are planning to go to sagada this weekend. is it advisable to go to sagada just the two of us? how much do you think our budget should be? can you suggest an itinerary for us? thank you in advance! :)

Comment by teds

hi! this site is so cool and useful.. i was just wondering though if the baguio-sagada route passes through halsema highway? it’s so scenic daw kasi and i don’t want to miss it on my upcoming trip : )

Comment by jes

I’m going to Sagada this weekend with our Starex van..can u tell me the roads situation and advise. Thanks

Comment by adrian

Hi.. we are planning to drive our Starex to Sagada this weekend, what’s the road condition going to Sagada from Baguio?

Comment by Adrian

Can an automatic sportivo 4×2 manage the baguio-sagada road? What is the condition of the road going to sagada?

Comment by beng

Hi. Can an Isuzu crosswind XUV (4×2) or a 4×2 pickup truck can manage the off-road swings going to sagada??we’re planning for this weekend..thanks.

Comment by Jay

Yup. :) We took a couple of Isuzu Fuego 10 years ago and it was a fairly easy drive (on worse roads)

Comment by Benj

we intend to go to sagada this may 1st. manila baguio then sagada and then going back via banaue to manila. we are using a fortuner 4×4. Appreciate any updates if the roads have improved and whether our planned route is doable. Thanks for any info you can provie.

Comment by Boots

Pano po kaya ang itenerary if we only have 2 days for the trip. As in, we only want to experience the cave. Thanx

Comment by red

Hi. My wife and I and kids are set to go to Sagada via Baguio from May 18-21 and we’ll stay at the Rock Inn. We prefer to take our Starex van for the trip, encouraged by third party inputs that the van will endure the trip and that the roads from Baguio to Sagada are very much well-paved/maintained (about 90% daw). Since this is the first time we’re doing this, I’d appreciate if you could just help me out with the following:
1 – What road/s do I take from Baguio to Sagada? Are there guideposts/signs along the way?
2 – Our daughters are aged 15, 10 and 5. Would it be safe for the younger ones to take the treks, cave visits, etc.?
Hope to hear from you soon.
By the way, your site is so informative and friendly. In fact, it’s the only site I’ve ventured into to attempt to post my queries as I found you guys accommodating and well-informed and updated. More power and God bless.

Comment by Claro Contreras

Hi. me and my fiance’ are planning to visit sagada via baguio. I’ve read the weather forecast and it says that its also raining in baguio same as here in manila. Do you think we could still make our dream vacation into reality? Can we still see the sceneric view along the way or just the fogs? Please advise…. —worried.

Comment by Dan

Hi. me and my fiance will visit sagada via baguio route and we’re planning to leave tonight (april 30). I’ve seen in the weather forecast that its raining in baguio same as here in manila. Do you think its still safe for us to go there on this weather condition? Can we still see the sceneric view along the way or just the fogs? This is our dream vacation. Please help.

Comment by Dan

go. :) chances are, it’s just drizzling in sagada (same as last year when we went there)

Comment by jools

hi! it’ll be my first time to go to sagada if ever this trip would push through. my friend and i are planning to go to sagada this end of may. can you help me plan this trip, what places to visit and how much money would i be needing for my entire stay of 3days/2nights (including the tour). thank you so mucH!

Comment by yhiel

Hi! my friends and I are planning to go to Sagada this May 16.. I just want to know if it is still safe to go despite the effects/damages(?) brought by Bagyong Emong.. what’s the condition of Sagada now, after Emong?

Comment by adelle

hi i have guests coming from u.s and would like to visit sagada, what are the easiest routes going there, are there hotels that are nice and clean since they are very much particular with it esp the restrooms.

Comment by chumee

I know July and August are not the best months to visit Sagada but these are the only available time for our group to go. Same query as above, what is the road condition of the Baguio-Sagada route? Let’s say there is no typhoon just the annual rain as a factor. Urgent response needed. Thanks

Comment by BenRaq

Im planning to come home to phils this august. Im looking for a good tourist spot and i think sagada is one of the best place to spend my vacation with my whole family. Can u let me know the route goin to sagada from pampanga? And the way goin to residential lodge.. Thank u so much

Comment by Keneth

hi, we are planning to visit sagada this comming november although we still have enough time to prepare, is it best to travel within that month?
any idea to those who already been there during this month? thanks

Comment by major Payne

ilang oras po ba ang difference ng mla to sagada via baguio and banaue? we are planning to go this aug. gusto sna nmin mkaless sa time 4 d biyahe lang.

Comment by sharpay

waaaaahhhh…. so excited to visit this place. were visiting last week of nov this year. i really find this site very helpful. pwede na pumunta to sagada even if your alone. were planning to take the manila-banaue-sagada route so we can get to have a glimpse of the world-famous rice terraces then going back sagada-baguio-manila route so we can visit baguio pra sulit tlga ang trip.weeee!!! cant wait!

Comment by gailylicious

[…] Via Baguio […]

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Hi!Good day…ask lang po pwde po ba ang 3 days and 2 nights na adventure sa Sagada?

Comment by chai

magkano budget from manila to sagada? ngpu2nta ako sa bagiuo, pero d ko alam papunta sagada? ano ba best posible packages for a group of 4 persons? san mas mura route para dumaan? reply nmn sa email ko, or txt me po 09159964697.. and san pb mganda magbakasyon na ka2iba, wait me sa reply mo thnx..

Comment by jeanpaul

Hi po…
we’re planing to go to Sagada on Sept..and need po nmen ng mag hotels or kahit ano pwede matuluyan..
Can u recommend po ba?How much po..
may sites po ba na pwede i view ung mga amazing spots sa sagada na pwede puntahan? email ko

Your urgent response on this will be much appreciated.

Comment by Anne Fernandez

hi po question lang,,, dadaan po ba ng kabayan benguet yung bus na papuntang sagada? thank you!

Comment by jr pandagani

Yup, you will pass by the towns of La Trinidad, Atok, Buguias and Natubleng :)

Comment by Benj

ok po ba road condition papuntang sagada ngayon? balak po namin sa august 21, 2009 akyat ng sagada. galing kami ng isabela sa banaue na po route namin. may landslide pa po kaya ngayon?

Comment by ryan cage

We’re planning to go there on Sept 6-8. Safe po ba pumunta ng days na to in terms of weather condition? Roughly how much po ang budget for accom and food. Yung places na pupuntahan depende na lang kung may budget pa kami. Impt lang ung tutuluyan. Tnx

Comment by arcie

advisable po bang pumunta ngaun sa Sagada? 2 lang po kami and magkanu po kaya dapat namin daling budget per person. 3 days lang po kami kasama na ung oras na byahe galing manila. Please suggest po ano dapat planning before going there. Thank you

Comment by Joy Tolentino

Hi, we’re going to Sagada ourselves. :)

send me an email at benj [at] visitsagada dot com

We’re leaving this Tuesday.

Budget – 4-4.5K 4D3N

Comment by Benj

hello, we are planning to go to sagada on november. we are planning to rent a bus. almost 40 students po kase ang pupunta. pwede po ba magrent sa Lizardo trans? do you have po ba the contact number of Lizardo Trans? Please e-mail po asap… thank you very much po!!!

Comment by alfa

We are planning to go to sagada this october or november. together with my wife. I just want to ask if its advisable to bring my only child a 5 year old boy for the trip.

Comment by Marco

Hi, I will go up to Sagada next week. This may be a stupid question, hehe, but I’d like to ask: do I need to settle for guides for various spots? I hope to meet people there because I am traveling alone. Maybe we could share expenses. Thanks.

Comment by Noah

hi! my bf and i are planning to go to baguio then sagada then are way home are route will be banaue. just wanna ask you think 3 days two nights is enough for us to enjoy the trip? we wont be roaming around too much in baguio coz been there already maybe some few pics only.. you think 3 days is enough? thank you!

Comment by jonalyn

How is the halsema highway now? I heard that it’s 90% paved, is this true? I’ve been to Sagada twice driving a toyota revo without any problems. Now I will be driving a honda civic with 5 pax inside. Kaya na ba or may sections na talagang for high clearance vehicles pa din? Pa advice naman anyone. Thanks.

Comment by Mike

How is the halsema highway now? I heard that 90% paved na siya. Is this true? I’ve been to Sagada twice driving a toyota revo without any problems. Now I will be driving a honda civic with 5 pax inside. Kaya na ba or may areas pa rin ng halsema that are for high clearance vehicles only? Pls advice. Thanks

Comment by Mike

There are still pretty rough spots, Im afraid. I wouldn’t say 90% – more like 80% (i.e. only one hour is rough driving out of the six hours from Baguio). I wouldnt be too confident driving a car like a Civic in those roads. I havent seen a car of that model on the road ever since I went to Sagada. Cheers.

Comment by Benj

hi! like namin sana pumunta sagada… we’re planning to travel by motorbikes. is that possible? and what is the best route to take if we are from ilocos sur? pls advise…. thanks…

Comment by Michelle

Hi! we are planning to go to sagada this first week of november! I would like to ask the cheapest hotel accomodation for 6 persons. Thanks!

Comment by ronald

hi! we are planning to go to sagada this first week of november?! i would like to ask if do you have contact number for the cheapest hotel accomodation, we are 6 persons. Thanks!

Comment by ronald

Hi! Masyado na ba maginaw sa November at December? How’s the weather in these months? thanks!

Comment by chyng

Well, it’s colder than usual. But you do go there for the cold, right? :) cheers.

Comment by Benj

Uhm, im not sure! haha

Comment by chyng

What about D rising sun bus from Baguio to Sagada-they leave Baguio at 05:00AM -does any one know any details about this company?exact location, telephon number (to call from out of the Philippines)schedual … ?

Comment by Dganit

hi my bf and i are planning to go to sagada via bagui-sagada route. gonna spend a day or two in baguio then onto sagada. do you have a contact # for the hotels we can possibly check into to? if you can send a list of hotels so we can choose. were on a limited budget for this one. if there is a site, could you kindly email it to me?
..shoot me an email at
thanks a lot!!!! 😀

Comment by alexandra

hi! do you think it’s ok for me to bring along my 4-year old son and 58-year old mom to sagada this december? or is the travel not kid-and-elder-friendly? :-)

Comment by lisaflor

there is a bus company (e rodriguez fronting BK near St Lukes) with a direct trip to Sagada, every night @ 8:30PM

Comment by witot

we are going to sagada nov 26 to 30. is it still safe to go there after the effect of ondoy and pepeng? which roads are passable?

Comment by bj

we have a scheduled trip to sagada 2 weeks from now. is it safe to go there? are roads passable already?

Comment by bj

Hello there,

is it true that there are business class buses that runs from MNL to-BGUIO? If so, where can we find it and what is its difference from the normal ones (fare, travel time, etc…)


Comment by LT

hello, we are planning to visit sagada for the first time,.are there any hotels or inn there that we can stay? and how much is the room? please reply,,i’m really excited =)

Comment by mimi

Benj & Angel, hello po! Okay na po ba ang roads going to Sagada ngayon? We are planning to go there on monthend. Ano po ba ang safest way ngayon? And kay pa din po ba ung mga spots sa Sagada mismo? Thanks.

Comment by chixie joan

Maraming SALAMAT sayo kababayan,punta kami sa Sagada sa March,gusto ko rin makita ang Rice Terraces 4-5 Days kaya ba? Sakay lang kami sa Bus. Salamat ulit, at pagpalain ka sa maganda mong gawain. INDAY tawag sakin.

Comment by Russell Meier

Hi! Just an inquiry. How’s the road condition after the typhoon ondoy and pepeng? Is the road from Baguio to Sagada passable already? Thanks!

Comment by Dong

hey benj and angel! good job in putting this site together. I can get all that i need from your website. Daghang Salamat. I think I can reconstruct an itinerary already just by reading through all of these.

You take care ok. This website is one of the best that I have encountered.


Comment by jerry

i been scanning un mga faq’s.wala yata nag tanong kung san maganda stay pag dating ng sagada?can I just bring a tent or my mga transient/motels/hotels that we can stay(syempre un affordable)mahirap lang kame but want to travel.

Comment by alex martin


Im planning po to go in Sagada. Then right after go in Baguio for the flower festival. Its our 1st time to go there. 1pm po ung last trip going to baguio?. kaya po ba ng 1day for the tour?. and how can we go sa rice terraces? thank you so much.

Comment by Jennie

yup, 1PM is the last trip. Banaue Rice terraces? There are rice terraces in Sagada as well. :) Take the jeep to Bontoc. There are trips to Banaue from there.

Comment by Benj

how do i get to banaue from sagada? where to get transportation, how much is the fare, how long is the travel and where do i get to stay and how much? your help will be highly appreciated..

Comment by khrizz

how do i get to banaue from sagada? where to get the transportation, how much is the fare, how long to get there and where do you recommend to stay and how much? you help will be highly appreciated..

Comment by khrizz


We are going to Baguio this weekend, jan16 and im planning to visit sagada as well. Are there cheap hotels/inn where we could stay for a day? And kung makakapag bigay ka sana ng info regarding price nila.

you may also email me for info: and

Thanks much

Comment by Jun Tuble

hi, im planning to go to sagada this 28th, is it possible to go there alone?i mean will it be safe?and how much would that cost?

Comment by joyce ann

hi i am planning to go to sagada alone on the 28th,,, would that be safe?and how much would it cost me?

Comment by joyce ann

Hi! ask ko lang po kung ok lang na isama anak ko na 2 yrs old? kasi baka perwisyo sa kanya ang biyaheng ganun kalayo.Plano kong dalhin ang pamilya ko this coming March.

Comment by Tok

hi I’m planning to go to baguio then sagada this feb. could someone give me idea kung ano ang mas okay. morning alis ko manila.. ano mas okay na option? may bus ba na direct ang trip going to sagada.

Comment by arnold

Manila to Baguio is 440 (victory Pasay) less than ten pesos i think if you will come from cubao which is closer…plus pay 5.00 for insurance which is optional…i go home to baguio regularly…

Comment by ami

My husband and I are both retired and planning to go to Sagada. Is it OK to bring a Honda CRV? I want to travel with our own transportation so we can stop anytime and anywhere we want. What route will be ideal ?

Comment by Macky

hello to everyone….ask kolang po…..what month is the best to stay in sagada—the coolest temperature we experience?…we already been there this jan.29-feb1.,2010…but i want the coolest temperature than this period?because we plan to go back again there this year…pls email the answer to my email add…tnx and god bless

Comment by jhane

hi to everyone….
we already been there this jan.29-feb1, 2010..ASK KOLANG PO….WHTA MONTH IS THE COLDEST TEMPERATURE IN SAGADA?we want to experience that…..and we plan to go there again this year…

pls email the ans in my email add

Comment by jhane

hi po.. ask lng po meron ba air flight manila to sagada para di hassle sa road trip…? if yes what airline… tnx in advance…

Comment by mench


my friends and I are planning to visit sagada dis march. i have read your suggestions re places where to stay, budget,etc. would like to ask we want a side trip also to banaue rice terraces, how do we get there from sagada? how much is the fare, would you recommend to stay overnight also in banue rice terraces? arfe there any accomodations there? or we nid to go back to sagada again? how long is the tripo?

Comment by millette

hi! ask ko lang po were planning to go to sagada on march 12.. pede nyo po bang email sa akin kung pano po pag punta saka kung saan kami sasakay and ano po yung mga inn’s n mura at safe mag stay.. pati po yung mga tours.. salamat po!

Comment by mhads

Hi mhads, I suggest you read the posts here before asking questions. :) Most of the things you’ve asked – especially the ones about travel — have already been discussed here.

Comment by Benj


we are from cebu and we are planning to visit sagada via banaue. is there a jeepney that will leave banaue at around 11 am to Bontoc and Bontoc to sagada at 1Pm how muach is the fare and lastly whats the hotel you can suggest in sagada for just an overnight stay? i hope you can reply. thanks

Comment by jack

Hi! we are planning to visit Sagada this 2nd week of March.. My brother told me that its really not good to stay in the residential lodge as meron daw “magnanakaw” there.. can you recommend any hotels that we can stay in? yung affordable pero safe, hehe.. thanks in advance! =)

Comment by romz

hi.. how long is the travel time from baguio to sagada? thnak you

Comment by chel

Hi. I suggest you read the post.

Comment by Benj

There’s a DURATION in the article itself. READ it before commenting. Thanks

Comment by Benj

Sagada is one of the best place to go for a vacation. Tita mary’s residential lodge is a perfect place to stay. then pag nagutom may mga kainan sa market instead of going sa mga restaurant na exensive. Tita mary Your the best. babalik ako ulit jan… thanks. God Bless!!!

Comment by Arnold Pagaran

Hi. Same question as Macky,(135)is the road to Sagada still rough for small/medium size vehicle? i will be travelling with my family, and we want to bring our car so we can stop whenever we want. Thanks in advance for the reply.

Comment by breyniak

Great site, so informative. Same question as #135, my family and i are planning to bring my car a Toyota Innova in going up to sagada. is the road going to sagada now passable? is it safe to bring a car? if not, where is the best place to park my car in baguio?
thank you very much in answering back. God bless.

Comment by nilo


my family and I with friends wanted to go and see the rice terraces and sagada. first time namin. kaya ba ng ford escape ang biyahe? may 4 year old son kami, kakayanin ba ng bata? sa april 2-4 sana kami pupunta. okay pa magmuni-muni doon? may area ba for praying?

Comment by Ojay

hey arnold how much is an overnight stay at tita mary’s residential lodge? thanks :)

Comment by ghel

Hi! My canadian fiancee saw that sagada from the website and he really likes the place. He will come on May. We will stay in Baguio first for 2 days then to Sagada. Please help us where to take the bus for Baguio from the airport. And also please recommend a tour guide for us. a place to stay in Sagada. Thanks.:)

Comment by Nila

Where will the dangwa bus drop us off? is the drop off point near the municipal hall? :) thanks!

Comment by aye

You will NOT take a Dangwa bus. You will take a LIZARDO bus. The station is just called the Dangwa Station. :) Yes, you’ll be dropped off close to the municipal hall.

Comment by Benj

I am going to Sagada. Thanks.

Comment by Jef Menguin

Benj, mgk pangalan tayo… bilib ako sa hba ng pasnsya mo sa pagsagot sa questionaires… wla n ko maitatanong pa… nsagot mo na lahat. sana dumami p ang tulad natin… he he he. t.y. uli

Comment by benbustillos

hi ask ko lang po from baguio madadaan po ba muna yung la trinidad benguet bago yung sagada??magkano po kaya yung fare???at may inn po ba dun??and magkano….thanks

Comment by nanice

hi.. this site are informative! is not ici to find good sites for this area. :) see you in sargada soon. smile

Comment by pat

How are the roads to sagada from baguio in July? Is it alright to drive? How long should one stay to enjoy the sights?

Please email me directly. thanks.

Comment by alma

Hi, my husband’s only wish when we visit Philippines this December is to see Sagada. But reading thru the blogs, even with the new freeway, it would take us about 11 hours to get there. Is this right? With my girls on tow, I do not want their trip to be so rough and tiring and we only have Dec. 29-31 as our free days. Please let me know a more realistic travel time (hopefully shorter) if we drive via Baguio.

Kudos to your site! Very informative…Thanks. Monette

Comment by Monette

hello. my friends and i are set to go to sagada tomorrow. we’ll be using an isuzu trooper. which route is the safest at night, via baguio or via nueva vizcaya? thanks.

Comment by alvin

hello. my friends and i are set to go to sagada tomorrow afternoon. which route is the safest, via baguio or via nueva vizcaya? thanks.

Comment by alvin


We will be visiting sagada soon to shoot for a TV special. We plan to take the baguio sagada route…but we intend to bring a vehicle because of our host and equipment…will that be ok? Will there be guides to help us out with the places to go to in Sagada? hey thanks for your site…it’s a big help.


Comment by jovie

Hi! tnx for a VERY informative blog on Sagada. my friends and I are planning to go back to Manila from Sagada by taking the Sagada-Bontoc-Manila route. Based on your reply June 2009 you dont advise it because of the road constructions. Are the roads ok by now? Would you still advice us to take that route home?
Tns alot!

Comment by cdv

Be wary about making reservations for a 12 midnight departure at Victory Cubao. We all know that 12:00 a.m. is the start of a new day. For them, w/c is customary, 12:01 a.m. is the start of a new day. So if you made reservations for May 30, midnight, for them it means May 31, midnight – a full 24 hour difference. So you either go back to the station 24 hrs later or take a chance passenger arrangement – w/c means, additional fee. It happened to me and my friends a few years back. I’m not sure if they have changed their concept about time.

Comment by Bem Rosales

hi there,,im planning to go to sagada on june 19 to it ok for me to go there alone.??how much will it cost me.??where’s the best place to stay.?can you help me with the things i should bring..and also can you give me a breakdown of will help me a lot..hopin’ to hear from you soon..

Comment by louie

pls send me a copy of the breakdown and details of how much will it cost me to travel to planning to take manila-baguio-sagada route..will travel june 19 to 23 an ok time to travel.?

Comment by louie

Hello! We are planning to go to Sagada before June ends by car. We are also hoping to pass by Baguio. Any tips – route, days, etc. ? Thank you very much!

Comment by Marie

hi benj..will it be ok if our itinerary is mnl-baguio-sagada and on return is sagada-banaue-manila? we have 3days to spend..and also,will september be fine in visiting sagada? thanks

Comment by vanessa merlin

just want to ask the name of the cheapest but nice hotel in sagada and bontoc and how much po kaya ang rates? may contact number kayo ng hotels thanks.

Comment by bevs

just want to ask the cheapest but nice hotel in sagada and bontoc and how much po kaya. U have contact numbers of that hotels po? thanks a lot.

Comment by bevs

hello sir. im from cebu,me and 6 of my friends are planning to visit sagada via baguio.we’ll be leaving baguio and taking the first trip at 6:30am to sagada. we plan to stay overnight in sagada.can u suggest hostels or dorm type rooms(cheapest would be great). now the following day we plan to go back to manila coz our flight is @ 9pm but can we still visit or at least stop over banaue?is there a bus early in the morning that will stop in banaue for an hour or 2 then head back to manila?please advise :)

Comment by giselle

hello sir,we plan to visit sagada via baguio, and after sagada on the way to manila via banaue. is there a way we can stop by banaue for an hour or two then continue to manila since our flight back to cebu is @ 8pm?we only have a day from sagada-banaue-manila…im asking if we can at least make a stop at banaue to at least see the view for an hour or two…please advise :)

Comment by giselle

hello..where planning to go in sagada this coming dec…can u help me kung saan ba mas magandang mag inn!! gusto kasi namin yung malapit na s cave at dun s falls…at pwede paki bigyan naman ako ng info kung anong weather meron s ganong buwan para naman mapaghandaan namin kung sakali…kasama kasi namin yung anak ko 12yrs old….tnks for giving us some info..

Comment by cristy

my group is going to sagada on august. we are passing thru baguio but will proceed to manila without passing bagiuo on our way back. is this possible? we will be using public transpo, bus… will we be encountering landslides if it rain?

Comment by roy

Hi Benj and Angel,

I’m planning a backpacking long weekend to sagada alone. I took note of the Transpo expenses and the lodges availbale when I get to sagada.

I’m planning to climb mt. pulag from sagada/marlboro country and back. and also tour some of the sites sagada offers.

My question is, how much would a guide cost (to sagada tourist spots / sagada to mt. pulag)? and also, from the drop off (municipal hall) are the lodges walking distance already and easy to find?

Looking forward to your kind response, this website has been very helpful! More power to you guys! Thanks!

You can reach me through:
mobile: 09166444475

Comment by Jel

sir good day…tanong ko lang po kung saan po ba maganda pumunta pag dating sa sagada? any suggestions? at tanong ko din po kung saan po ba ung sinasabi nilang falls? 1st time ko po kasing pupunta ng sagada w/my wife…sana po matulungan nyo ko…kung pwede po at hindi kayo busy pwede nyo po ako e-email anytime…thank you very much…God Bless

Comment by jhay

hello.. hope you can help me where planing to go in sagada on october can u help me kung mag kano dapat ang budget 4 one person? thanks po…

Comment by joan guillermo

HI! This is a very helpful blog! We are planning to go this weekend by car. Kaya ba ng kotse lang yung roads to sagada?

Comment by Bootbut

My boyfriend and I wants to try something refreshing and different so I thought of Sagada. I just want to ask if it is safe to go there even if its just the two of us. Some friends went there in a large number of groups and I’m afraid it won’t go so well if its just me and him because Sagada is not for romantic getaways, right? But we really wanted to go there. I’ll be glad to hear it from you soon. Thanks a lot!

Comment by charmaine

hello.. Just want to ask if there are changes sa rates of lodges in SAGADA as of the moment because we are planning to visit the place by mid-October. thank you very much:)

Comment by sai


i guess my question is, in going to sagada, either you will take baguio or banaue bus route, both will really pass by bontoc before reaching sagada right?

Comment by evan

hi there!wud like to ask if pagdating sa sagada marami pede matuluyan?

Comment by anj

hi po!

Comment by anj


Comment by anj

Hi. we are a family of 5 (with kids ages 12 and 9) planning to go to sagada this sem break. Which hotel would you suggest for us to stay in? btw, we are going by car. Thanks.

Comment by Suze

hi….lheo_gurl here, jst wanted to know if you have trips to sagada that we can join. we wanted sana ung complete n yung tour if we go there. and since ur familiar with the place we would want to join n lng sana. i do appreciate any response. thanks po!

Comment by Lheo

im planning to spend xmas dec 24- 27 with my 3 children ( 18- 25 yo ) at sagada. would it be fun during this season. are the tour guides available for the cave adventure? how cold could it get during xmas? pleasse advice for Im seriously thinking to spend xmas at sagada. I really hope you can help me decide to take this one of a lifetime adventure. God bless

Comment by CES

Hi Benj are there still rough roads if we take baguio to sagada route?

Comment by Weng

Hi there guys! we’re planning to go in Sagada this coming December 2010. would like to ask if kaya ba ng Adventure(diesel) Baguio to Sagada? Hope u can help us. thanks!

Comment by Buji

Hi guys! we’re planning to go Sagada this coming December. Would like to ask if kaya ba ng Adventure(Diesel) baguio to Sagada? Hope u can help us. thanks!

Comment by Buji

Hi guys!

Nais ko lang sana magpasalamat sa mga taong responsable sa website na ito. Isang siyang malaking tulong sa mga gustong magbiyahe papuntang Sagada galing sa Bontoc, Maynila, o Baguio.

Maraming salamat at nawa’y marami pang tumangkilik sa website niyo!:)

Comment by Edz Mendoza

hi. we’re all first timers going to sagada and we definitely want to check out the banaue rice terrances… but its not included in the list of places from your How to Tour Sagada entry… how could we visit this spot then? thanks.

Comment by rachel

hello there! just want to find out. me and my friend are planning to go sagada,my question: is there a guide to be hired in sagada where we can also be with a group on the tour? i was thinking, this might be cheaper that taking a package tour going there. hope to hear from you..thnx

Comment by lorraine

We are surely scheduled for Sagada adventure for our vacation leave 17th -24th december 2010….

anyone who would like to share with the trip with us yung solo o friends diyan.. masarap kung may new friends on the road going to Sagada..
09272644525 or call 2899167 Mcmac call home..

we have our itinerary na so no problems…

sana may makasabay sa pag alis ng manila this date…

Comment by neal teomale

going to sagada 17-24

anyone wants na sumabay na?

vacation leave from work na me

Comment by neal teomale

good day to all, Me and friend will be leaving for Sagada 17 from manila then 18-20 December stay there. Anybody there who would want to join us?

09272644525 Mr. Neil Tomale- my name
2899167 landline

Comment by neal teomale

Mr teomale here

we are schedule to go to Sagada on 17 of december and had not decided yet if we will travel by agency or by bus travel with a friend

Anyone care to be with us travel to sagada..

Decmeber 17 here and 18-21 there in Sagada

09272644525 / 02-2899167

Comment by neal teomale

leaving 17 and be there on the 18th of decmeber 2010

anybody who wants to be with me and friend .. we are looking forward to have good group people whom we could share to have less expenses to hire jeepneys or van forthe tour inside sagada. mas mahal kasi pag dalawa lang since 5 lang ang capacity ng accommodations ng hire ng jeepney or van there.. sayang naman any alone traveller who wants to join here..

Comment by neal

Hi! Skimming thru your sight has really been very helpful. My husband and two kids (young adults) are planning to go to sagada from dec 29 to dec 2. We’re taking the bus. What would be your recommended/best route going to and from sagada. We’re from QC and victory Liner station in Cubao is going to be the most convenient starting off point. Tnx.

Comment by neri

hi there, is the Halsema Highway passable at this point in time?

Comment by Mike

We are going to Sagada to attend a wedding. Can we bring a toyota hi ace? will that survive the roads ? or is it better now.. Dec. 26 2010 to travel or is it advisable to take the bus? sayang pero overnight lang kami. Please email answer. Thanks

Comment by helenea f. menchavez

We are going to Sagada to attend a wedding. Please update if the highway are passable using toyota hi ace. Or is it better to take the bus? Sayang pero overnight lang kami. Thanks

Comment by helenea f. menchavez

Hi. Is it safe to go to sagada? I mean.. are there NPAs, abu sayafs and the likes?


Comment by liza

hi. pls be advised if ok ung weather sa sagada now… were planning to go there maybe on the 22nd or 23rd of january for 5 days…
contact # – 09213434290

thank you!

Comment by Iza Antonio

The weather is awesome. :)

Comment by Benj

hello guys
i am planning to visit sagada this coming holy week alone. looking for a group na pwede makasama during tour para makatipid 😀 pm at this number 09228723039.
thanks. looking forward for a safe and memorable trip 😀

Comment by traveler

Me and my wife are planning to go to sagada this summer, could you please send me travel plan and spots in sagada? Thank you and more power to this site.

Comment by Jeff

Hi Benj,

Me and my friends are leaving for Sagada on the 10th of Msrch until the 13th. Is the bus fare from Dangwa Terminal to Sagada are still the same? The bus fare from Manila to Baguio via Victory Liner increased to PHP430.00/way.

Comment by hanna

It’s still 220. :)

Have a nice trip.

Comment by Benj

ok. thanks benj. can you please recommend us a good accommodation at sagada? we are 12 in the group.

Comment by hanna

[…] on this topic extensively, but I think this post needs a bit of revisiting. We have notes on Baguio, Banaue and […]

Pingback by Visit Sagada » Taking a bus to Sagada – various routes through Baguio, Banaue and Bontoc

is the fare going to sagada from mla and baguio update? thanks

Comment by yeye

It’s 435. :)

Comment by Benj

Hi to the very Patient, kind and understanding Benj and Angel! Thank you for your site. Just want to know if there is a safe parking area in Baguio where we can leave our vehicle, we’re planning to stay in SAGADA for 4 days. if there isn’t I’m very much open for any suggestion with regards to our dilemma.

Comment by Nitz

Meron bang van, instead of bus, from Baguio going to Sagada?

What cheap hotels in Sagada could you recommend? We are 8 in the group.

Comment by Sonny Virtus

is JULY a good month to visit?

Comment by jen

Hi, me and my friend want to spend this coming holy week in sagada. Alin po ba ang mas maganda routes? Baguio-sagada. Kasi ang plan namin mag Baguio-sagada kami. Ok lang po ba? d po ba mahirap ang daan dun? Kasi po mag banaue kami mas matagal ang travel time ng manila to banaue 12 hrs.ano po ang best suggestion mo? ano pong accomodation ang pinaka cheapest in sagada. send mo na lang po sa email ko. Thanks! Sarah

Comment by Sarah

hi may aircon bus po ba going to sagada from baguio? at anu po ba mgandang iterinary kung mla-baguio-sagada-banawe-mla? tnx.

Comment by francis

hi me and my family will spend our vacation in sagada is hi-ace grandia good going to sagada?

Comment by jan marc

hi! wer going to sagada on april 14-16. can u recommend any lodges or hotels??? thanks!

Comment by maurich

I liked this so I posted at so my friends can see it as well. I simply used Visit Sagada » Travel: Going to Sagada From Baguio as the link title in my bookmark, as I figured it would be a great way to spread the word about this cool post. Please email me back at if there is anything else I can do to help.

Comment by Cheryl Claxton

same questions po like sarah..aalis ako mmyang gabi and still dont know which way is better..hindi ba dalikado if only my gf and i will travel to sagada?..pls email me ..thanks…

Comment by rjay

hi is this site still working?? i am planning to go sagada this may any tips… especially on a limited budget.? and to somehow experience the life there as a local not a tourist?

Comment by crivelli

hello. we need tourist guides for our Sagada trip. can you recommend one? Marami din po bang tourist spots sa Sagada. Thanks :)

Comment by Ira Carranza

hello sir, planning to go to sagada & banaue last week of august this year. Is public transportation safe for foreigners? Is there a bus that takes people from sagada to any beach resort on the La Union Coast?

Comment by Jimmy Carlos

okay ba ang sagada sa august trip?

Comment by Kathleen

i would like to ask if this site is updated?are the rates still the same?

Comment by kathy

ask ko lng. may vans/fx ba from baguio to sagada?

Comment by Roleen

Hi, I”m Ka Pepe G. Cenidoza from Rizal Province. Our group, the Rizal Motorcyclists Federation (RMF) is planning to visit SAGADA this coming November 24-27, 2011, ask ko lang kung okay ang mga roads going there, we will be using our motorbikes (underbone, MIO, honda wave with horsepower of 100 cc – 150cc, also kindly advice the new rates of total accommodation, thanks

Comment by Ka Pepe G. Cenidoza

Can i drive my montero sport 2×4 to sagada? what are the current conditons of the road.. thanks!

Comment by melvin gill

yung unang punta ko sa sagada via baguio at mura pa nun around 70-100 ang accomodation dati yata nun diko na matandaan, 2nd time around 200 and accomodation. Now babalik ako ng sagada this december 8-11, 2011 ang accomodation sa mga kontaks ko don ay 250 per day na at pare-parehas pa din ang rate. plan namin mag-stay sa Rock Inn mga 2km away from the town of sagada para mas malayo kunti sa papalagong stablisyemento ng sagada. yung fare from baguio to sagada ay 220 per head. kung via banue to sagada naman ay 150 per head. may mga kontaks na ko don.

Comment by alvin

Good Evening,are the rates still applicable?

Comment by addie

Me and my girlfriend are planning to go to Sagada this coming xmas holiday (Dec23-Dec26. Please help me to find a great itinerary… thank you, and I want to know if the rate is still updated??? please e-mail me at

Comment by Marlo

ask ko lang po yung may post dito na travelers can bring their own stock and cook it in the hotel. pwede ba yun? what hotel po yun and how much?
mejo kapos sa budget kaya gusto sana makasave kahit konti haahah

Comment by desiree

hi sir’s benj and angel

will be going to sagada this friday and im checking the best route to take.. and the cheapest 😀
any recommendation? and also same paden ba ung mga rates na nandito sa mga tours for cave connection?
can you pls email me your recommendaations and suggestions pls>>

thanx! -jell

Comment by jell

Hello there, we are planning to spend the holy week (April 4 to April 7) at Sagada with my whole family, They are grown up already. Is there a nice place to stay there, a tour guide to see the beautiful places at Sagada. Help me plan my dream vacation.
Thank you very much.

Comment by Mae Sison

We are planning to go to Sagada on Easter Sunday. How is the road condition there now? How many hours, maximum, if you travel on a private car? And what is the best place to stay? We are a family of 5 adults and is planning to just stay overnight. What places should we not miss to visit because this is just a short visit. Thank you.

Comment by Belle

We are planning to go to Sagada on Easter Sunday. How is the road condition there now? How many hours, maximum, if you travel on a private car? And what is the best place to stay? We are a family of 5 adults and is planning to just stay overnight. What places should we not miss to visit because this is just a short visit. Thank you.

Comment by icon

my family of 6 is planning to go to sagada this mar 20. can you suggest the best route we can take (most possible that we can see banaue rice terraces?), cheapest lodge accomodation, place to eat food inherent to the locality, guided tour to take, & how many days you would suggest to cover all those interesting places posted. is tourism office open on saturdays? can you recommend a tourist guide?
can you suggest bus line that goes direct to sagada? is maria de leon bus liner still ply there? please reply on my email address…thank you in advance

Comment by atoy

Hi, My family is planning a self drive trip to Sagada first week of April. Is this doable with a toyota van and do we have to hire a driver who’s experienced with the roads up there? We’ve never driven there before. We would be 5 adults travelling with children 13 & 9 yrs old. What would be the best route to take in your opinion and how do we insure seeing the rice terraces? We may stay 7-10 days. Any info you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Comment by ESP

Hi benj, we’ll be travelling to sagada this april21,
Just wanna know if weather is going to be fine this april,i suppose
Youre not a weatherman but i guess you have an idea about that, hehe
Thank you so much, hope to hear from you,

Comment by Ilovesagada

We have tried contacting the 2 bus company you have listed for Manila- banaue trip and none of those numbers ever gotten thru… Do you have any other info you can provide for Manila-banaue travel accommodation?

Comment by Archer

hi, just want to know if the transportation fare listed here is updated? im planning to go to sagada on 3rd or 4th week of june 😀 thanks

Comment by chim


Comment by ANN

How much is your package from manila to sagada for nov23 – 26 all in. accomodation, tours, and transpo.

Thanks 😀

Comment by Maya

hi is it safe to travel by car. We plan to go there and bring our own vehicle.

Comment by Alex Dela Cruz

Hi Alex, we were able to drive to Sagada on a Honda Accord. :) It’s definitely feasible.

Comment by Benj

Hi po! How’s the weather in Sagada during Nov? I am one of the participants for the HEMS-EMT training this coming Nov 11-24. We will stay at Mt.Data Hotel. Any suggdstions po bcoz its my first time to visit your place.

Comment by Myla


We would like to ask if the transport fees listed here are updated (from Manila to Sagada) and also we would like to request for a list of budget hotels in sagada where we can stay. Is it imperative that we hire a tour guide for our stay there?

Thank you!

God bless!

Comment by MJ Morete

Hi!.. is there a Hotel/Accommodation near the Baguio-Sagada Bus Station in Sagada (with Hot and Cold Showers).. By how much per room or per head and is the cave near the suggested accommodation or we’ll have to take transportation going to the caves..

And oh.. Whats the current weather in Sagada this Month.. Do we need to bring Jackets.. We’re planning to visit Sagada by the end of this month during the holiday.. Thanks…

Comment by gLizeAn

hi, i, plannin to go to sagada on jan 2 next year, can a grandia van capable to pass the baguio sagada road? thanks….

Comment by denis

My brother who resides in Sydney arrived here last Friday (Nov.23) for a 23-day vacation here, he asked me if I could arrange a trip to Baguio-Sagada-Baguio wih overnight on each leg and on dates between Dec. 6-15 2012 on this trip will be my brother, a nephew and me, could you help me on this. During our stay in Baguio what we need is just to be booked in an averate rate hotel and in Sagada we will welcome tour offers speecifically if it will offer the rice terraces view and visit. Could you help me with these?

Comment by Ethelmer Policarpio

Hi! a blessed afternoon to you Benj…I am planning to explore the beauty of sagada this month..I would like to ask if it safe to go there with my 6yr old daughter?…how about the fare same rate pa rin po ba…Pls. help…tnx much

Comment by Honz

A loaded with 12 people Hyundai H100 (hyundai Grace) model 1997 will be capable to roam the tough and rugged roads of sagada and banaue?

Comment by mon

Hello…My husband and I are planning to visit Sagada and banaue. I’m from Capas, Tarlac. I’d rather take the public bus, but which route is closer, manila-bontoc-sagada or Baguio-Bontoc-Sagada? I don’t mind going to manila to catch the bus if it’s closer there rather than Baguio-Banaue-Sagada route (I have a place in Baguio BTW). Can you suggest a descent place to check-in with tour guide? Thanks so much.

Comment by Enfermera

Hello… I am planning to visit Sagada this May 2013 with my wife and 2 kids (boys 11 and 7 years old). Is it advisable that we bring our kids to Sagada? Will they be able and permitted to go to the Caves and Waterfalls etc.,or is it only for adults? Is it also dangerous trek?

For the trip if we bring an SUV which roads is recommended for going to Sagada? which road is better for traveling?

Thanks and hope to hear your advice soon.

Comment by Don Bueta

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Comment by fun snack recipes for kids

Hi my friends and I (4 kami senior cit) wll attend the Panagbenga Fest this feb 21-23 afterwhich we’ll go to Sagada on the 24th . May I kn ow whereto stay in Sagada ung cheap lang ang accomodation?

Comment by Ellen

hi benj…

Good day, ask ko lang kong sino pwedeng contakin kapag nasa sagada na for the city tour and cave kasi wala akong idea… where planning to go in sagada this upcoming holyweek ’14… kong meron ding mga pictures pwede po bang magpasend sa email ko po…. salamat po

Comment by Gerald

Hello.. Me & my husband are planning to visit Sagada & Banaue this may. Do You know any travel tours for Sagada & Banaue from Baguio? Thanks & hope to hear from you soon.

Comment by Anne

We just recently made a trip to Sagada via the Baguio this week (March 15 to March 19, 2014)

We took the bus.
Bus – Lizardo Transit station – 6 AM
Trip Duration: 6-7 hours
Improvements have been made to the condition of the road going to Sagada. Its already cemented. Only a small portion of the road is rough. An average of 30 meters long. I counted at least 2 instances along the road that is still rough as you near the town of Sagada.

The thrill begins once you start your journey. Its zigzag (left, right, left, right….) and up/down all the way. So if you are the person who get’s dizzy in a moving vehicle, I suggest you take Bonamine or equivalent medicine. Otherwise, bring a small plastic bag along the way.

If you are taking the bus and you enjoy looking at the mountains, green scenery, rice terraces and specially the deep gorges/deep cliff below, I suggest you sit at the right side of the bus – window side. You can take a good view and capture pictures as you go along.

My only comment if you will bring your own car is that make sure its road worthy and in excellent condition. Make sure your brakes are working perfectly. Never compromise safety. There are a lot of uphill and hairpin turns. A 4×4 would do nicely.

I noticed that diesel fuel stations are more common than gas fuel stations. There is Petron station situated approximately half way of the journey that serve gas and diesel. Please correct me if I am wrong. For gas vehicles, be sure you have enough fuel from Baguio to Sagada and back if you have big fuel capacity. You may need to check the distance and gas stations and study if feasible for your car type.

In case you will be the one driving, make sure you are well rested and ready for the challenge of driving safely along the snaking road across the mountains. Refrain from honking. The locals will know that you are visitor by the way you drive on the roads. Be courteous specially when navigating a hairpin curve and don’t drive like you are in SLEX or NLEX highway.

Lastly, respect the environment when you are in Sagada. Don’t throw you plastic, cigarette butts, candy wrappers and garbage along the trails, camping site and in the caves. Its best we help Sagada by keeping it clean during our stay.

Enjoy your trip.

Comment by RoyC

Hello po! My friends & I are planning to go to Sagada after our Pulag climb. Just want to ask po kung meron po bang jeep/van (public or for rent)from kabayan going to sagada? kasi po balak namin hinde na babalik sa baguio after ng akyat para ma maximize po ung time. Pls po advise kung meron po. Salamat po!

Comment by rachelle ong

Hi ive been in sagada last week… And wow.. Super ganda.. Our trip will not be a success without this blog, very helpful.. We drive our innova from manila to sagada.. Ang ganda na ng daan.. And mas ma feel pg my dala kau car.. Kc u can stop sa mga place na mggnda and can take ictures, thanks for this website, keep it up.. More power

Comment by Tseri

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